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In ancient Kemet, the weeks were 10 days long. The 40 Day Prosperity Plan consists of Ten Truths to be recited twice daily. Going through the entire cycle 4 times.

Here we deal with Strengths, NOT Weeks, not Weaknesses!!

Strength One: Physical World:  Your Body Temple, Your Environment
Letz make some changes, and get rid of that stuck energy! MOVE IT!!!

Strength Two: Mental World: Your Mindset, Your Thoughts
which creates your reality, so it is CRUCIAL to get this in order!

Strength Three: Emotional World: Your Soul, Your Emotions, Your Feelings about Money
get your hankies ready!

Strength Four: Spirit World:You are a Light being, in a watery encasement. Obviously, there are going to be some glitches! LOL!! Money comes from the Source, and so it is Divine. It is a vibration that THRIVES with appreciation and gratitude.

from diva makeover

Since you have already received an all sufficiency of supply (all that Infinite Mind has is yours now), you can prove this Truth to your deeper mind by sharing your supply on a regular basis while you are working with the Plan. Giving is an esoteric science that never fails to produce results if it is done with love and joy, because the Law will shower you with a multiplied return. But if you tithe (and I really prefer the word “sharing” to tithing) as a mechanical and calculated method to please God, unload guilt, meet a sense of obligation, and play a bartering game with the Law, no one benefits, not even the receiver. Give with love, joy, and a sense of fun, and the windows of heaven will be thrown open with a blast!

This information is taken in part from The Abundance Book by John Randolph Price.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Purchasing this book and reading it!!!
Also check out SPIRITUAL ECONOMICS, by Eric Butterworth to transform your relationship to money & spirituality

Richest Man in Babylon

The Richest Man in Babylon — Six Laws of Wealth Quotes (showing 1-3 of 3)

The Richest Man in Babylon audio on youtube


6 laws of wealth from the richest man in babylon
“best investment you can make is in yourself. Continue to educate yourself and seek out wisdom, adding new skills and experiences that will make you more valuable.”
― Charles Conrad, The Richest Man in Babylon — Six Laws of Wealth

“THE SIX LAWS OF WEALTH   The First Law of Wealth: Keep a part of all you earn. Save at least 10% of your income.     The Second Law of Wealth: Put your savings to work for you. Invest it so that it will multiply.   The Third Law of Wealth: Avoid debt. The poor pay interest, while the rich earn interest.   The Fourth Law of Wealth: Don’t speculate in get-rich-quick schemes. Invest in solid businesses that you understand.     The Fifth Law of Wealth: Invest in yourself. Gain knowledge and skills to increase your earning power.     The Sixth Law of Wealth: Safeguard your growing fortune with diversification and insurance.”
― Charles Conrad, The Richest Man in Babylon — Six Laws of Wealth

“You asked for my secret, and here it is . . . I found the way to wealth when I discovered that a part of all I earned was mine to keep.”
― Charles Conrad, The Richest Man in Babylon — Six Laws of Wealth


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